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    The Last Dance: There will be a bonus episode of the series about Michael Jordan

    ESPN has announced that an additional episode of “The Last Dance” series, about Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls, will air this week. It will be the legendary Game 6 against the Utah Jazz, with never-before-seen high-definition images.

    Emotional lift for fans of Michael Jordan. And for all NBA lovers. While the series “The Last Dance” has just unveiled these last two chapters (available on Netflix), ESPN has announced to the general surprise a bonus episode to come. It will be broadcast this Wednesday and will offer an unprecedented look at the famous Game 6 between Chicago and Utah, during the 1998 final.

    Entitled “Game 6: The Movie”, the episode will offer for the first time high-definition images of the final release de Jordan with the Bulls. A game that entered the legend that had exploded the NBA audience record. Five HD cameras had been placed around the floor, a novelty at the time.

    An idea born recently

    Gregg Winik was behind one of them. He is now the producer of “The Last Dance”, which traces with precision and nostalgia the last season of MJ in Chicago. The idea of this bonus episode, which will be proposed with the original comments, came to him after having edited the last sequences of the series.

    “If you had told me six months ago that we would do this, I would have said it was impossible,” he told AP. It reveals a lot of dramatic images.” It remains to be seen whether Netfix will offer this small gift for the French public.

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