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“I would play the ATP Finals even on the moon”

Swiss Roger Federer He assured this Monday that he does not care where the ATP Finals are played because he would play them “even on the moon.”

The Swiss player, who is recovering from a knee arthroscopy that led him to resign for the rest of the season after the Australian Open, participated in a virtual chat with the extenistas Bjorn Borg and Tim Henman.

Asked about the change of location of the tournament, which will be played next year in Turin (Italy), after eleven years in London, Federer was clear.

“Honestly, no matter where he goes, any player would play wherever he went. If he went to the moon, I would play.” stated Federer, who has played this tournament in Shanghai, Houston, Shanghai again and London throughout his career.

Borg would get Federer’s cut backhand

The Swede Borg was asked why Federer’s hit he would choose for his repertoire and said that if he could “he would take them all”, although if he had to keep just one it would be the “cut backhand”.

For his part, Federer said that if he could take a blow from Borg it would be the parallel setback.

“It never failed. My struggle all my life has been to be able to score four good setbacks in a row and it gives me the feeling that Borg could do it all day with his eyes closed “, assured the one in Basel.

Praise from Federer to Rafa Nadal

In addition, Federer also gave a compliment to Rafael Nadal, who is currently participating in the ATP Finals in London.

“It took me a while to realize what it means to be a champion.”Federer told Henman when asked about when his character changed on the court.

“Whereas Borg, along with Rafa, have probably been the best young people in the history of our sport. I needed more time to know how to behave on the track, “he said.

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