breast cancer

    Breast cancer (breast carcinoma) is the most common cancer in women. It rarely occurs in men. Genetic predisposition and a higher age of life favor the development of breast cancer as well as smoking, obesity and lack of exercise. Everything about the risk factors and precursors of breast cancer as well as its diagnosis and prevention can be found here! Breast Cancer: Description Breast cancer (synonyms: mammary carcinoma, carcinoma mammae,...

    pregnancy signs and symptoms

    The most common pregnancy symptoms are the absence of menstruation and the growth of the breast. Some pregnant women also feel a pull in the abdomen and increased urge to urinate. Hot hunger as well as nausea and vomiting - especially in the morning - are also possible first signs. However, pregnancy can still be noticed by further changes. Read here everything important about pregnancy signs! Pregnancy symptoms: When can I...
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