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    Zanzibar will house a tower that looks like a falling dominoes

    Dubai, New York, London or Shanghai are some of the cities known for their grandiose buildings. However, the next big building in height will be developed in Zanzibar.

    Zanzibar is world renowned for its natural heritage, but it will now house a renowned work of architecture. The small island, which lies off the coast of Tanzania, will have a domino shaped tower which will become a strong tourist attraction, especially for bringing together entertainment and culture in one place, says a press release from the company that is developing the project.

    The tower – which will have 70 floors – should be built in the old part of the city, as the place has a historical significance and was influenced by various cultures. The project will occupy about 370 thousand square meters and aims to go down in the history of modern architecture.

    The design concept is being developed by xCassia – which had already planned to carry out the project at least twice in the last decade, but due to various external factors, it has been delayed.

    THE Domino Tower it takes its inspiration from the design of its namesake – giving the illusion that it’s a falling domino. The construction starts from a tall panel that juts out and gradually slants getting shorter as the building curves and curls in on itself, writes the The Architect’s Newspaper.

    According to Interesting Engineering, the project consists of three main locations: the Arrivals Plaza, the Zanzibar Domino and the Island Resort. The main entrance will be in the Arrivals Square, which will also have commercial areas and offices.

    The central attraction, Zanzibar Domino is situated on a human-made island that spreads out over a radius of 250 meters.

    An aquarium, an exhibition center, a cultural pavilion and a convention hall will also be available on the island, which, in addition to all this, is also able to receive yachts and offer more shopping and catering areas.

    Due to its grandeur, Domino Tower will have the capacity to have 560 apartments and a hotel with 360 rooms overlooking the coast of Zanzibar.

    The icing on the cake will be a observation platform which you will find at the top of the tower. This site can be accessed through elevators that will provide visitors with a panoramic view.

    In turn, the Island Resort will house 104 overwater villas connected to a lighthouse that will serve as a transportation hub, offering amenities to residents, who pass by a golf course, heliports, a gym and a small chapel that will be useful in performing weddings.

    “Positioned as one of Africa’s first truly iconic global tourism, entertainment, culture and conference destinations, Zanzibar Domino will offer visitors, residents and businesses a multi-faceted program designed to create distinctive year-round experiences, career paths and opportunities investment”, highlighted Youssef S. Amour, Executive President of the AICL Group, one of those who is developing the project.

    The project fits in the effort that Zanzibar is making to develop new tourist attractions as part of its strategy for “Blue Economy”, which aims to attract international investment by promoting the privileged location of the autonomous zone in the Indian Ocean.

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